Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Want t0 kn0w Ab0ut pirAcy aNd tHe LaW?????

My deary bloggieeee...... as you know software piracy is against the law, so watch out there.... under the law, a company can be held liable for its employees actions . if an employee is installing unauthorized software copies on company computers or acquiring illegal sofware through the internet, the company can be sued for copyright infringement. this is true even if the company's management was unaware of the employee's actions.
Quite simply, to make or download unauthorized copies of software is to break the law, no matter how many copies are involved. Whether you are casually making a few copies for friends, loaning disks, distributing or downloading pirated software via the internet, or buying a single software program and then installing it on 100 of your company's ersonal computer, you are committing a copyright infringement. It does'nt matter if you are doing it to make money or not, if you or your company is caught copying software, you may be held liable under both civil and criminal law.
If the copyright owner brings a civil action against you, the owner can seek to stop you from using its software and request monetary damages.........................

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