Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HoW to pROtect aNd preVent fRom sOftwAre piRacY??

Dear bloggy,,,i'm just wondering,, how to protect and prevent us from software piracy.I know, its hard for us because the price is really really cheap!!!!but always remember that there is no guarantee that the software is secure or will work properly when installed.Firstly, be cautious when ordering software over the internet.Many resellers with internet storefronts or those who sell from auction sites knowingly distribute copies of softy illegally.The best way to prevent software piracy is to report it.We also can educate those who believe they are saving money by pirating software couldn't be more mistaken..Legal, financial penalties,higher administrative costs and lowered productivity make piracy very expensive.....And also,,the simplest way is,,,,,,,,,to put me,myself in the shoes of the software developers.Surely i'll get mad to those who pirated my software..The software developers are the most vulnerable to this crime..So,,please don't support software piracy!!!

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