Monday, July 23, 2007

gEt tO KnoW tYpeS oF PiRacY!!!!

Olla!! Hi bloggy...! I'm back and got something to tell you... Well, it is about that software piracy again! But..i know you will not get bored with me, right bloggy???? I get to know that there are various types of piracy. First, End User piracy...let me tell you what exactly it is. It occurs when an individual reproduces copies of software without authorization like.....using one licensed copy to install a programme on multiple computers, copying disks for installation and distribution, and taking advantange of upgrade offers without having a legal copy of the version to be upgraded...

The second one is Internet piracy... It occurs when software is downloaded from the Internet. I found out that Internet piracy can take several forms such as piratyes wewbsites that make software available for free download or in exchange for uploaded programs, internet auction sites that offer counterfeit, out-of-channel,infringing copyright software, peer-to-peer networks that enable unauthorized transfer of copyrighted programs.

Next,Hard-Disk Loading. I only know that it occurs when a business who sells new computers loads illegal copies of software onto the hard disks to make the purchase of the machines more interactive. Last but not leastis Software Counterfeiting. This type of piracy is the illegal duplication and sale of copyrighted product. That's all for now bloggy!!!! I promise you that i will tell you more on this software piracy. Thanks for sharing this information with me.... See you later bloggy!!

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